ISO 31000: Kansen en bedreigingen voor publieke organisaties zijn te managen

By: Ed Mallens, bestuurslid PRIMO Nederland, Secretary General PRIMO Europe Risicomanagement heeft nu een referentiekader wat bruikbaar is voor met name publieke overheden. In een bondig maar duidelijk beschreven document, NEN-ISO 31000 Risicomanagement – Principes en Richtlijnen-, staan principes en richtlijnen die goed bruikbaar zijn om risico’s adequaat te kennen, te analyseren en op te volgen. Er wordt middels een […]

Adjusting to new public policy demands on corporate boards

Ernst & Young Our point of view In response to the financial crisis, policymakers around the world are actively considering corporate governance reforms to improve the effectiveness of boards of directors. Ernst & Young believes that effective boards are vital to well-governed and successful companies and strong capital markets. For this reason, boards should make the changes necessary to strengthen […]

Leadership, more than the sum total of parts…!

F.A.J. van Kuijck en R.M.J. van Vugt Deloitte Accountants B.V. The position of municipal and provincial authorities (hereinafter local governments) in society at large is rather complex. This complexity is especially visible in the number of relationships maintained by local governments. For example, the many parties involved in project development. The complexity is also due to the additional tasks and […]

Improving the practice of risk management in Roosendaal

Roosendaal is a midsized town in the south of the Netherlands with a population of around 78,000 inhabitants, located between Rotterdam and Antwerp, Belgium. Almost three years ago the Municipality decided to improve its risk management practice. According to Dick Maaskant, Business Controller of the municipality, this decision was influenced by several internal and external forces. For example, risk management […]

Three lessons in risk management from England

By Robert ‘t Hart “When a municipality doesn’t have an effective form of risk management, it doesn’t have an effective management.” Since this argument was first introduced in England, it has been cited in many articles. In the United Kingdom the emphasis lies on the relationship between governance and risk management. Because of the risk culture and the presence of […]

Risk and uncertainty

Part of the lecture “Truth, authority and policy in the twenty-first century” by Lisa Anderson (source The Thinking State, WRR Lecture 2007) “Considerable behavioral research suggests that the further away in both space and time a prospective risk seems to be, the less likely we are to take action to address or mitigate the risk itself. As Elke Weber puts it, “Personal […]